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 08-10-2017 : Fantasy Fly Eclipse "Pippa" was 2nd ex. in junior class females at the CAC-IB show in Charleroi (B).

Judge : Mr J. Verrees (B).

Miss Pippa in Charleroi (B)            Picture H. Blancke

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01-10-2017 : Whistlestar's Ouba Bouba was 1rst ex. in intermediate class females and took the RCAC-RCACIB at the CAC-IB show in Villepinte (Fr).

Judge : Mr J. Monscavoir (Fr).

Miss Ouba Bouba in Villepinte (Fr)            Picture Isabelle Ley

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10-09-2017 : Multi Ch. Whistlestar's Lambic was 2nd ex. in champion class males at the CAC-IB show in Ciney.  Fantasy Fly Eclipse "Pippa" was  1rst ex. in junior class females & best junior golden & Whistlestar's Ouba Bouba was 3rd ex. in intermediate class females at the same show.

Judge : Mrs. V. Boesmans (B).

           Multi Ch. Whistlestar's Lambic              Picture H. Blancke

Fantasy Fly Eclipse "Pippa"                Picture H. Blancke

                        Whistlestar's Ouba Bouba              Picture H. Blancke